Bi-fold Door
Bifiold Doors (Bi-folding door) is called three in one door as it can be used in three different ways:

  1. Can be used as single entry door by opening one door
  2. French door or double door by opening two doors
  3. By opening and folding all doors, our bi-folding latest design doors are made to get a maximum opening in a short space

It also has latest 3 point locking system for added security. One of the greatest advantages of bi-fold door are it has full pane safety glass to get maximum views.

Stacker door, by-parting door, double sliding door, stacker ranch slider
Our latest design stacker sliding doors are made to get the maximum opening that avoids the doors sticking out onto decks or walkways.

Double door, French door, Double hinge door, Double opening out door
Our latest French doors are designed to get the maximum opening. It also has full pane safety glass to have the maximum view. The door also offers a 3 point locking system which compresses security. It opens right against to the wall to avoid doors sticking out onto desks or walkways.

Sliding door, Single Sliding door, Sliding door with opening windows
Our latest design sliding doors with opening windows are designed to use in two ways. To get ventilation the windows can be opened without sliding the doors.

Single Door, Single Hinge Door
Our latest design single doors has three point locking system for more security locking. It has full pane of safety glass to get the maximum view.


Awning Windows, Opening out Windows, top hung Windows, Side Hung Windows
All our Windows have safety glass. Our latest design hardware that has the opening restriction on its hinge to restrict the opening for security reasons.

Sliding Windows, Stacking Windows
It has full pane safety glass with latest hardware.

Bifolding (Bi-folding) Windows, folding Windows, Fold and Stack Windows
Our latest design bi-fold windows are also called two in one windows. It can be used in two ways:

  1. Can be used as opening window by just opening one window

By opening and sliding one side to get the maximum opening in a short space.